This is Cora Lingling Xu, a Lecturer in Education at Keele University, UK. I obtained my PhD in Sociology of Education from the  Faculty of EducationUniversity of Cambridge.

This site documents my research journeys, spanning my PhD research on migrant students’ identity constructions in the Hong Kong-China context, to my more recent works on transnational education and Chinese educational mobilities in general. I am particularly interested in empirical applications of the conceptual tools of  Bourdieu.


2 Responses to About

  1. Dear Cora,

    First of all I should say that I found your ideas and orientation towards your academic concerns so appealing. it seems that you REALLY enjoy what you do. At the moment, I am doing a PhD at the school of education at UNSW, Sydney, Australia. As my thesis, I am going to analyze the multimodal interaction and representation in an ESL context and see how this affect the identity construction of learners. As such I will be really grateful for letting me know the resources which directly deals with the concept of identity from an ESL/EFL perspective.

    All the best,
    Sajad Kabagni

    • coraxu2013 says:

      Dear Sajad,
      I am sorry for my late reply. I am thankful for your comments and I think identity constructions of English learners are very interesting topics. Personally in my research I find the work of Andy Gao Xuesong and Michelle Gu Mingyue quite relevant. I hope they are useful to you too. Let’s stay in touc h and all the best with your research.

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