This is Cora Lingling Xu, a PhD student in Sociology of Education at the  Faculty of EducationUniversity of Cambridge.

This site documents my research journey in exploring migrant students’ identity construction in the Hong Kong-China context as well as my critical engagement with social theories in educational research. I am particularly interested in empirical applications of the conceptual tools of  Bourdieu and Ricoeur.

2 Responses to About

  1. Dear Cora,

    First of all I should say that I found your ideas and orientation towards your academic concerns so appealing. it seems that you REALLY enjoy what you do. At the moment, I am doing a PhD at the school of education at UNSW, Sydney, Australia. As my thesis, I am going to analyze the multimodal interaction and representation in an ESL context and see how this affect the identity construction of learners. As such I will be really grateful for letting me know the resources which directly deals with the concept of identity from an ESL/EFL perspective.

    All the best,
    Sajad Kabagni

    • coraxu2013 says:

      Dear Sajad,
      I am sorry for my late reply. I am thankful for your comments and I think identity constructions of English learners are very interesting topics. Personally in my research I find the work of Andy Gao Xuesong and Michelle Gu Mingyue quite relevant. I hope they are useful to you too. Let’s stay in touc h and all the best with your research.

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